Christmas Jumpers. Russian Hat.

I have been longing to get these up for almost a week now and finally here they are, my wee Festive gems of Aoife Considine (‘Little Blonde Bear‘). This is my first ever shoot I’ve done with a model as before this my speciality has been drunks, each one pulling ‘the shapes’ whilst doing things they’d never remember.

These were taken on campus whilst frantically running from one place to the next along with dodging the ever confused rain clouds /slash/ snow storm /slash/ glimps of sun. I asked Aoife if I could use her for one of my photos of the day and to wear one of her Christmas gems so I could go snap happy. She said yes and thankfully styled herself better then I could have ever imagined along with the hat of all hats… a true syling gem (how she does this on a daily bases is beyond my comprehension).

Fifteen minutes after the initial ‘howayadoing’ we were done and back to the computer lab to finish up (ha, start) a load of college work! Processing was also easy as mince pies, as her skin is flawless and didn’t dare to touch a thing!

Let there be Christmas jumpers and festive cheer :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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