Mid-Month Memoirs

I have to first apologise to all of you who tune in. I have been terrible at posing my ‘December Days‘ photos onto flickr, where I promised that’s where they would be. I have been so busy I’ve only been getting them onto my facebook album, so here they are on mass :)

I also must apologise to all those waiting for great things as of Friday. College ended yes, but my painful migraine returned, my laptop lost complete functionality and I still had a job to attend to. Tomorrow however is the first day in a very VERY long time that I don’t have lectures, assignments or work just a ridiculously lengthy to-do list… but top of that list is PHOTOS.

The photo of the day for tomorrow WILL be my dear engineering friend Aoife… (click ‘here‘ for even more of her procrastination splender).. Which was meant to be for today (before that yesterday, and before that Friday) but now that I have a technological solution to my laptop woes, they can and will be up tomorrow! HUZZAH :) After that I have a post on VDP, spanning a range of events, including a Panto, and a ball.

Ideas are endles, my brain is sore.

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

One thought on “Mid-Month Memoirs

  1. Don’t be pushing yourself too hard missus!!!! Take the Christmas to relax too you little eager beaver!!!!
    That said, I await the photos with bated breath!!!!

    Also, as always, these are all so dreamy and christmassy and just, well, great!!!

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