Holy crap sack that was the most painful few hours in history…

I have somewhat succeeded and somewhat (probably slightly more) failed at this! HOW EMBARRASSING!! I did manage to finish at least one of the reports and now have to swallow my pride and accept defeat in the second. I have completely turned my brain to mush but at least I may still pass my degree. I guess all hope aint lost, they’re not quite due :)

To quickly ramble… I came close at the second but there was a painful moment when I realised a file was completely missing and I’m now going to have to suss out the original, treck back to matlab and figure out how to revive it!

Also, it was all for this crappy proof…

Here are the pics i promised, for you having to deal with this wee attempt at college success. I do not have the brain capacity to write anything of logical sense right now as my brian is seriously a non-functional organ at present. I also desperately need a shower!


Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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