I have decided last minute to write this post. Why? Well, pretty much I have let so much college assignments build up and I have not been working as hard as I need and want to on my course work. It’s coming to the finish line of this semester when so much is due worth a great deal of percent and now I’m beginning to freak!!

So I have discovered, since every-week I’ve successfully put up photo posts regardless of my lack of time, I can bloody well get work done, I’m just being a whiny sissy bitch! My point? Well since failing in-front of you guys has been a pretty huge motivator to get off my ass and get things done, Im going to throw in a deadline for TWO of my oh so horrendous lab reports.

Now, I am aware you’re going to want to read these reports as much as a cat wants to swim, so on Tuesday night at 10pm (Irish time) I will post a screen shot of me submitting those poxy reports along with out-taken photos from my weekly projects.

It’s a win win; I get work done, you get photos…asumming that’s why you awesome people tune in :)

Praying to fuck I don’t epically fail at this!!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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