The Season’s in Swing.

So next week is the last of my Saturdays Seven project… BUT then I start December day’s which I’m rather excited for indeed :) I’m going to try my hardest to put together a good batch, but with college I just never know.

This week started interestingly enough anyway when i discovered my old laptop, which had died in the most ungracious manner, was working again. It was undoubtedly zombie like due the fact I had been told its motherboard was meant to be fried. What made it even better was this happened just as I was going to do a reinstall on my working laptop as it had been acting up and causing me trouble. I did back-up all my work and so photos are safe and sound, hurrah :)

This was however followed by an outstandingly disastrous week with the fuse box blowing on the night I was studying for a college exam. The box had been smoking slowly for days without our knowledge and luckily we got it before the house became a local fire place! There was even a mouse fried to it’s carcass found behind a plug socket (it didn’t make for a great photo.. it was in the dark of night). I did get a photo of the burnt wiring in the fuse box though… yup, fried!

The other photos are ones randomly taken as usual. It starts with the fried wire and continues to photos taken around Dundrum centre with decorations and festively sparkling clothes. My cat Tigger also got a spot as he was sleeping so soundly and is such a fluffy treat. As for the other, I felt like quite the tool taking photos of myself but I saw the coat and loved the epic hood. I tried it on (as a girl does) even though i already have a fine coat that’s loved to pieces. In the fitting room I took the opertunity to snap it and new people could here the cameras shutter thinking ‘WTF?’… the hood was just to magical and it fell in so many awesome ways :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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