Beer Olympics

I shall quickly explain the event that was last weeks Beer Olympics, but lets face it… apart from the rules and the point system the night was a ‘you had to be there’ situation along with having moments that would result in the loss of ones dignity if shared. Although I have no problem in plastering my embarrassing shananagans upon the web, I don’t feel it fair to do so to my friends… I want to keep them after all… they’re fairly fucking awesome.

To get to the point, It had been a while since the group all got together for one hell of a night out, so it was proposed we had a game in play which required everyone to show their face. Groups were made so that if someone were not to show, they would lose a chunk of points for their team… the same went for being late, only less points were deducted.

Once the groups had gotten together and the night was in full swing the games begun… yeeeow!! Points from here on in were earned for drinks finished and games had. The first began with a fish-bowl which required all teams to finish the vodka-coke mixture.. well, more like vodka with a splash of coke as it tasted like something which could fuel a car.. as fast as possible and the winners got a fat bulk of points. Second place got half that. If a group did not finish their bowl the team lost points which kept the intoxication level at a nice balanced level.

This was then followed swiftly with the ‘box game’. It simply requires one to pick up a cereal box only with the mouth and the hands had to remain off the floor. Slowly the teams took their go and as those who could not accomplish the task fell and lost, a layer of the box would be ripped off and the game would begin again. This was repeated until there was only one man standing! As pros to this, we cut right to ripping the box at the halfway point. Why you wonder? Well, there tis a fairly nimble member of the group which is currently undefeated (cough.. BRING IT ;)) Time was spared… most likely for drinking!

A quick game of Jenga was then played with points to be gained and tasks to be had written upon the randomly strewed blocks. Dignity was lost and friendships were tested in this one.. that’s all that shall be said!

There was finally a game of flip-cup which required the teams to stand against a table edge in a row opposite the opposing team. A member of each team would begin by finishing there drink in the quickest time possible and then turning the cup upside down at the edge of the table, to finally flip it back up straight. The first team to finish, again, won the bulk of points… the rest, well, just got drunk! I just got sick.. there’s always one!

For the rest of the night we moved to a club, danced a bunch, drank a bunch, dishevelled as ever!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

I do not promote irresponsible drinking… your next day self will hate you!

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