11-11-11 (+1)

So, this week was meant to be that magically glorious week in which I would finally get on top of all my college work and study a wee bit too. The week off from lectures however did not go to plan at all and I’m still left with lab reports, programs to code and study to do. Fail of epic proportions..

What happened? Well, those simply ‘small’ tasks had built up so grand that, that’s, what took most of my time. Laundry is now clean, my room doesn’t look like the aftermath of grand robbery anymore (just a small one) and the files in my computer are now in order…. yep, that was my week, lets pretend it’s some success :) Agreed? Sweeet!

The photos this week are rather simple. I had thought I’d be able to create some great images but TIME seemed to be gone before i had the chance so I snapped what was around me. The eye is my mothers while she stood soundly in the living room with the light upon her face. The golden leaf is one which i found sitting on a bare Christmas tree in the center of town. I must have looked quite strange to onlookers but when did that ever stop me, eh. The other leaves are ones I passed, liked and snapped, hurrrah!

Now, the orange slices are in fact NOT orange slices but JELLO SHOTS.. not just any jello shots tho, captain morgan infused orange ones. Oh yes, NOMS! Later on this week I will put up a post on how to create these delicious supersplit gems. For now, you view the photo and imagine such a treat. The blackboard beneath is the scoreboard for the beer Olympics which I made them for. Shall also dedicate a loving post to the epic night, yeeeeow :)

To finish this post, I must thank all the people who said such lovely things to me over my last post. Your words meant so much to me and i can’t thank you enough. I was honestly so scared, your all amazing x

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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