What’s your story?

Again the University Times Magazine has done a photo article on ‘A week in Trinity: Take 2‘. I took photos for it covering a range of topics from the floods to Halloween fiestas, but most importantly Mental Health Week.

The photos I show here are ones from the ‘Guinness World Record’ attempt in which 953 people got together to successfully break the record of “the most people to write a story” (HELLS YEAH :P). The event was put together by the Welfare Officer of TCD, Louisa Miller, to spread the word that “mental health is part of everybody’s story”. It was also done to knock down the stigma associated with mental health and to really get people to not just think about such a topic, but face it and embrace it head on.

For the entirety of the week i wanted to write a post covering ‘my’ story as Mental Health is a topic i find to be so important and really does affect everyone no matter how small. It can be seen some what in my post on ‘Love, Loss and Life‘ how it affected me, so i felt like quite the fraud to go without doing a post myself. I never got the time to just sit down and write that week, but i will and have just the day to do it.

For now, this post is to celebrate the achievement of all 953 people who waited in line, to write their line (and some even had lunch on the go). It’s also to especially congratulate Louisa for all all her successful efforts :)

The Story is here.

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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