Hideaway by Emily Charlotte Greene

This is me on on the other-side of the lens by Emily Charlotte Greene, a lovely lady whose work you should check out :)

Way back in the summer, while the sun was in the sky and rays could be felt on the skin, Emily and I wondered to the quarry in Kiliney for photo taking fun.

Emily is a gem and a pure sweet-heart. It was just the two of us frolicking in this quarry and it was a bundle of fun. With that said, there were a handful of severely creepy rock-climbers in the mix, with no shirts (sounds like it would have been eye-candylicious for us ladies, but they were more on the lines of ‘old perverted builders’… we moved on swiftly).

The photos wern’t put up for a while so that they could be featured online for Zeum Magazine. Congratulations to Emily, from the photography side, I’m well jelous indeed ;)


Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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