Octobers Ending.

Two days left. Octobers ending. Holy fuck.

This month flew and its quite a terrifying thought. How time can go by so fast. Months are starting to seem like weeks and days are starting to feel like hours. I have so many thoughts and creative ideas i want to share yet feel like I’m getting no-where.

With that said my contract has been officially lowered with work and so a handful of hours are now on my side. Maybe now ill get to share all the ramblings of mind as originally intended. Can’t wait :)

To get to the photos, this week had floods, fears and fiestas. The weather was unimaginably cruel filling buildings with rivers and turning buses into baths. I simply captured the calm before the storm.

In college it was Mental Health week and TCD gathered enough people to achieve a Guinness world record of the ‘Most People to Write a Story’. The message being that Mental Health is part of each one of ours. We are all stars and did it with a with 953… FUCK YES! :)

The guitarist I snapped on Grafton Street and feel ashamed I did not get his name or the chance to hear the music. I loved the photos though so thought I’d share.

Finally the last is my face. My leopard printed Halloween persona. Roar!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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