The Chosen Ones.

Finally… hours after staring at the screen, I have chosen my ‘Saturdays Seven‘.

I am now typing at a manic speed trying to share as many thoughts as possible. I have been watching the clock get closer and closer to 12pm for, as I said, hours since this week I had too many photos all ready straight from this morning. I was excited to share them bright and early but, due to my indecisive nature and the entire day spent in work, i simply couldn’t pick just seven. Until now that is, here they are :)

Why I have gone and chosen these seven is because they’re photos I can not capture again. The first ones are of childhood toys and they are for my sister. She is living away in Cornwall for a masters and I wanted to share something to remind her of home (mainly so she does come back, she is quite the wanderer and I miss her indeed).

What follows is a man who happened to be standing under a waterfall of words and it made for the perfect picture. The words are literally water for a science expo in TCD where I then got a photo of the wee toy robots. I have so much more to share from the Gallery, to much for here and now which can only mean… another, later post, HURRAH!

The final three are things I passed and couldn’t help but take out the camera and snap away. The picturesque coke cans lieing on a cafe table was something I found irresistibly sweet. The Jager bottles which i didn’t touch but passed standing so symmetrically on the ground in the pure light of day were unbelievably awesome. They were even next to a duty free bag, so if from visitors taking on our culture, they are truly welcome. Cheers!

Last but not least, the drunken guy in a dog suit… em, yeah, either eager for Halloween… or just a dam right dog!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


4 thoughts on “The Chosen Ones.

    1. Thank you so much Katie :)
      I’m glad you wondered by, ha. I’ll be posting more Toy photos sometime this week to fill your eyes with toy pixels! Mmm pixels!

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