Bollywood Backstage

To start, I have succeeded in this mid-week post in which i had set myself to achieve. So, wooo!

Now, the photos are a further collaboration on ones from ‘Saturdays Seven‘ which i rather liked, so thought I’d share further :) As to contribute a few interesting words for the photos themselves, i really haven’t much to say as im still trying to figure out what the hell i think myself over this Bollywood movie milark. Think such mainly because I kept running into the set in random locations all over the city center and it involved the cast jumping out of bar windows… Guess time will tell, eh!

To explain somewhat… The photos were taken on Trinity campus during the filming of the bollywood movie, which, like a said, continued all around Dublin city. Im yet to come accross anyone who knows what such a movie is really about but seeing a huge film set (by Dublin standards anywho) and the brighly colored cast dance about the cobble stones made the week that wee bit more interesting.

The dancing on said stones i thought to be mighty impressive since walking accross those cobbled devils can be quite the challenge indeed. I say this thinking of when being slightly intoxicated and in heels… but dancing with the enthusiasm of a child after spoonfulls of suger must be some what of an equivalent challenge…No?.. Just me?.. Alrighty then.

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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