Weeks Woes.

I have finally succeeded in posting up my project photos in good time and by good time I refer to the fact that I’m not manically panicking at the final countdown to 12am (which has been the usual set up, its just how i roll). To add to such an awesome time phenomenon I even had the photos ready by 1pm today, but did have to manically run to work before I could complete this post. Like I’ve said before, one day ill sort my life out and learn the art of time, but for today it did make this evening so much more stress free, wuuuhay :)

The photo’s again aren’t creative or incredibly artistic as this week was woefully hectic as a whole (so today is a rare one for me indeed). I cant wait to get more time as I do have so many ideas for things I want to do and photos I want to create, but for this week I simply captured the few moments I had to spare.

They start with Max, the boyfriends dog, which due to countless walks I’ve brought him for, he never fails to give me one hell of a welcoming when ever I’m about (the dog likes me too.. aren’t I just hilarious!!). Mid week I then went for an after work drink with the ever so glamorous Sophie Smith. We had girly chats and manly drinks before a wimpy end so the morning college start would be successful (still not so, oops). I did make the joyous mid-day test and computer lab so wasn’t a complete college failure, so ill take that. Finally I ended my friday with quick snaps of the bollywood set that roamed the streets of Dublin and filmed on campus too. How exciting (well, not so much)!

I could ramble on forever but to end, I have successfully made the transition of taking all my photos in MANUAL! Happy days and a pint of beer!

Until next time,
The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

ps. Check out Sophie’s blog. Its a real blog, one full of wise words and thoughts like candy. She has “small teeth and a lot of things to say”. Here it is; The ‘paper michael blog‘.

3 thoughts on “Weeks Woes.

  1. Hey Chloe,

    This is Aoife (Turkey!). I just wanted to say that I really, really like your blog, your photos are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

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