White Swan.

So this was meant to be a mid-week post to keep you guys who actually dabble in this blog somewhat satisfied. Unfortunately as you can see i failed at that but at least now its just a day away from this weeks Saturdays Seven , wuuhay :) My reason for the lack of it being mid-week is due to the 27hrs of college (which i did not successfully complete in full, tut tut me), 25hrs in work, general life and my attempt to get some form of sleep.

What I was going to ramble on about was how I had left taking photos at every moment of every day to one side during the first week of October, but it turned out to be a good thing, and this is why…
Friday afternoon I wondered to the park to get photos I’d like for last weeks Saturdays Seven. I ended up seeing the two swans and followed them slowly as they swam around the pond. I was in awe at how elegant they moved and how they let me go snap happy without going snap happy themselves. Thank you dearly, you sweet sweet swans, I feared for my lens at one point in time!

I then came across these pigeons and found them rather sweet. Although I would usually think of pigeons as flying rats, in this case they basked in the sun and posed for my picture. So in my books, we were cool.. for now!

Finally the following photo is one I took towards the beginning of the swan photo adventures. I was devistated to look back at the screen and find it blury and genuinely had to put the camera down and take a walk of the park (as its not everyday I can get a swan to stare straight down the lens). I went back however and got the lot above. They made me smile :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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