Octobers Opener.

So the first week of October has now past and with it comes the first real group of photos for my Saturdays Seven. They don’t span the full week as I tried to focus on college, work and other projects (including Thursday, that took a lot). Multi-tasking has never been my forte but my gosh im going to want to learn, and fast eh.

Since it was the first week without taking a photo a day I definitely basked in the glory of no daily dead-line. I tried to get on top of the bundle of other work I’d let built up, including THE LAUNDRY, which is now clean and dry.. success! :)

Next week ill be sure to capture more and release it in good time. For now, I’m going to finally sleep, with no fear of sharing deep thoughts or producing project posts. So, to get the point, here they are, hope you like…

Until next time,
The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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