Saturdays Seven

Today I woke up this morning and the first thought was, Do i have battery in my camera, Is there memory in the SD card and What shall i try capture in a photo today. Then I copped it, my project was over and a new month had begun :( (<- Sad face is legit. My face looked sad).

I then thought of a plan. Since peoples response was unbelievably awesome, kind and beautifully positive to the fact I even set myself a wee project, i have decided I can’t wait till December to do another as a Thanks to those who liked the last. With that said i do need to focus on college and don’t have the time for the commitment of a proper photo everyday, so this project shall have a wee twist.

What I shall do this time around is post seven photos every week. How is this different you wonder?!.. Well, they shall be uploaded all in one and shall be from any day at anytime of the week that i thought looked picturesque. They shall be uploaded every Saturday from now until November the 26th in which i will then embark again on the 1st of December for the new ‘December Days’ :)

For this Saturday to start it all off here and now, i have chosen seven of my photos from the outtakes of the ‘September Issue’. Here they are, hope you like…

To anyone who said they so much as like my last wee project, thank you so much. Those comments actually made my day and was better then a gold blend of a cup of it begins again, hurrah :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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