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So September has now come to its end and therefore so has my ‘September Issue‘. I have loved and learned so much from the project even with it only being a brief 30 days.

What have I learned?.. Well I have finally learned the importance of time, practicality and being so much more goal oriented (with that said i still have a bit to go with the management of time… but ill get there, eventually ;)). Tasks really must be given a deadline and so I’ve learned a skill that will hopefully get so many more things done. My perfectionist tendency isn’t gone but has become more balanced with the realism that there is never a perfect time or a perfect moment to do something. Nor will I find anything i do ‘perfect’ when completed, but that just keeps the strive for such perfection going strong.

To be completely honest some of my photos from my project I have loved and some I look at with disdain and self disappointment… BUT each photo I haven’t liked I’ve learned something from, so in the end i guess they were successful after all. From this project the main goal was to grow and learn, because I know I really do have a hell of a lot of that to do.

Im most proud of the fact that I happened to stick to taking a photo everyday and posting it up in time. As I said, i am woefull at time managed and there were so many photos backlogged from previous days that i could have used. Used for the photo’s that hadnt worked out how i had originally intended, for quick photos i needed during moments I was rushing for time and needed to get out the door, and for all the photos i quite simply didnt like.

Finally, I’m going to do this project again in December. I shall call it ‘December Days’ and it will be filled with all the magically colorful lights and mystical things that that month brings. For now I shall focus on more structured blog posts full of photo creations while I continue to patch more holes and gaps in my photographic knowledge…(oh yes, and college, that’ll need some time too, ha).

So here is my last photo from my project. I really wanted to capture the Sunset to end it how it all began, but, Irish Weather, time and life got in the way of such an idea. Instead of that, here is a photo of the September Vouge. The true inspiration that gave my project life along with its name. Here is the final photo. The last photo from my own, ‘September Issue’ :)

Until next time,
The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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