ASOS 50% Off… just for now!

So I havn’t had time for a lot of things other then photos, college and work lately. So what do i go and do with any speckle of extra time? Procrastinate, against SLEEPING, because I am that much of an idiot and slightly an insomniac.

Last night ASOS went and sent me their regular subscription email, which happened to inform me of a wee sale for up to 50% off autumn trends.. BUT for 48 hours* only. I couldn’t believe my eyes and stayed up to ridiculous hours scoping out what they had to offer. Unfortunately, pay-day arrives right after this offer departs which i strangely couldn’t be more thankful of, as god knows what sort of girly online discount shopping take over could happen to my mind.

Even with a lack of purchase-ability I still spent time looking through the lot, deep into the night.. because lets face it, a lot of us girls do, and my god is it like fairies and rainbows to the imagination that it might one day be ours. These are some of the gems i happened to love;

ASOS Faux Fox Fur Coat; €71.79

ASOS Slim Coat In Heritage Check; €89.74

ASOS Suede Slouch Satchel; €41.67

Vero Moda Knitted Scoop Neck Cut Out Shoulder Dress; €19.23

ASOS ‘Easy’ Tee; €12.18 and ASOS 70 s High Waist Flare Jeans; €35.90

ASOS Bodycon Dress with Cut Out Back; €28.85

ASOS Metallic Knitted Jacket With Fringe Details; €28.85

ASOS Americana Clutch; €25.64 and ASOS Bandeau Jumpsuit with Belt; €35.26

One day I’ll learn and STOP clicking into the ASOS link when i see it, but i don’t have the available will power for such just yet. Nor to any other online shop. They just feed the eyes with such tasty things. Mmm!

My time spent was completely un-logical, fairly pointless, yet totally reasonable due to the blog and my ability to be able to call it research ;) (sticking to this frame of mind, it’ll keep me some what sane).

I may give in and get this ring though… I’m quite the fan! :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

*ends 8am Friday 30th September 2011 BST

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