The end leads to a new beginning.

Today the summer finally came to an end but with it was the beginning of a new college year. Lectures started well in the AM and it was painful to part from the bed (more so then usual anyway). In-between lectures I got those annoying jobs done that can remain on a ‘To Do’ list for weeks, and considering my arm had become that list, i decided to power through and get them done. Ha! I then learned some stuff but gained even more.. mainly a new watch ring to replace an old one I’d had for years which finally is no more. My reasoning?! I need to keep track of time, its totally justifyable! Oh yes!

Ring; Claire’s Accessories

Since this year is counting towards 20% of my degree, it’s really now time to dig deep into the books, yet deeper into the booze..(still a student after all ;)).

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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