Works Wonders

Ah twas a stressful day in work yesterday and I knew once I was finished, gotten home and fed, I had to race straight out for a night full of festivities (in which it most certainly was). This meant I had to get my ‘photo for the day’ taken during my wee break.

I took my camera from my bag and strolled into Claire’s Accessories going snap happy whilst taking photos of all sorts of shiny things. So joyous indeed! The people in the shop thought i was crazy along with being incredibly weird, but suppose i am so guess they were right. Ha!

I didn’t have time to process all of those last night but the following was my favorite so rolled with it as my daily photo. I thought to myself; who wouldn’t want a msg in a bottle, because i know I’d definitely love one. So, in pixel form, here’s one for you…


Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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