Make-up Mail

Getting mail gives me the feeling like it’s Christmas. Mainly because, i never get mail. So was very jolly yesterday when I was greeted by this;

What you see is my happy face due to the new liquid eyeliner within my paw that I ordered the other week off (girls gotta love a bargain eh). I’ve needed a new and decent quality liner for some time now, mainly since the one i use is running low and painfully useless. Purchasing anything mac is also the rarest of luxury so was oober happy when i got it for €8.50 instead of €20 with the added bonus of it arriving straight to my door, for free… Nice. One… So thought i’d spread the news :)

I happily ripped it from the envelope gave it a wee test and had a field day with photos…

Since its more likely to have such a gift delivered from the claws of a bald eagle then get to bask in the sun, i also basked in the sun. What a day. Sorry boys for the exceptionally girly post, but what can I say, i lap this shit up! :P

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