F-earfull of Feathers

How these bad boys became of my ownership is as follows…

I Woke up for work this morning, turned and saw the clock illuminate the digits ’10:00′. Problem being, my shift was to start at half! So, I gave my body an almighty jolt, getting up faster then a fat kid smelling bacon! I threw on the nearest clothes and ran out the door with panic and terror bubbling within me. Mass fear hit too that i’d now become unemployed and remain utterly broke. Yet, somehow, against all cosmic order i got to work on time. FUCK YEAH, this was quite the success! :)

Upon works end i convinced myself that this was such an achievement and deserved a wee treat. This lead to these almighty feather earrings which are my new pride and joy.

ALDO you made made my day.. well after the added morning snooze! Twas a nice one! :)

Earrings €12 @ ALDO

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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