A Pondyard Day

Grew up in the heart of the city with a load of pet ducks. Yep, PET ducks, it was awesome! We raised them from eggs to ducklings and then watched them grow. It was truly magical. To watch a tiny yellow fluff ball enter the world before your very eyes (and by fluff ball I actually mean a slimy, somewhat grotesque looking creature.. but 10 minutes later all was well and dry). Shucks eh!

So, today I wanted to take a photo of a duck to capture the good nature of my childhood. Not just any duck though, my duck :)

This plan did of course hit a quite the road bump. Ya see years ago, due to fox’s, we had to send our last ducks off to a farm. They did make it to this farm before you think;’conned by the rents’.. I saw this move with my very own eyes.. swear, ha! I returned to this farm today to get my shot of my duck but discovered they too had gotten shafted by those furry demons which roam the streets of the city. All ducks were gone but i couldn’t help but have a field day all the same. I roamed the new coop, explored a wee pond and played a game of x & o’s… Guess what? I won ;)

Until next time,
-The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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