The Hangover

The many faces of my Hangover…

So i woke up Friday morning. Looked in the mirror. And simply saw, A MESS.

My hair was disheveled in a rag lion like mane. Old ‘Make-up’ was now mixed with drool and smeared down my face. My eyes were blackend resembling that of a nimble thumbed panda. I was still in the clothes from the night before and i had the orientation of a blind monkey. Claaaassaay to say the least. Ill now be beeting boys off with a stick!!

It was all looking fairly bleek as i was later that Friday afternoon to embark on a 4 hour drive to Galway, BUT then upon my enterance to the kitchen, i discovered an ENTIRE cooked ham, an entire chicken… and there was also a pie! My mother may no longer be a nun but she’s one hell of a saint.

Untill next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

The HAM. My cutlery skills were simply, a little off.

Your Ponders

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