Sushi Noms

So like i promised here is a post dedicated to my other half Ciara. She is my brother from another mother and by brother i do of course mean sister, but lets face it, that ridiculously insulting phrasing has an added ‘zing’ to it. Agreed? Good now for more mindless babble :)

So we went again to YO! sushi and I took these on her lunch break which wasn’t long enough at all. Since she works at a reception desk with most interweb services blocked off (bar this one, hurrah), i said I’d give her a wee post to keep her eyes filled with the pixels of all sorts of different colors. We ate ourselves silly and by gosh we shall do so again!

Ciara i love you dearly. DONT cut yourself on that letter opener, it’s a bloody dagger for petes sake!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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