Morning Slumbers

So mornings eh… they can be so magical when all tucked up in bed or painfully horrible. This morning i really really REALLY didn’t want to get up (shocker eh). I’ve been in work everyday and longer since i started my project and just wanted to bask in the cosyness of my duvet and pillow to avoid the wet and rainy day outside.

I also have a great deal of laundry to do which as you can see sits in the corner of my room and regardless of time restrains that always seems to be a challege to get done. So, now with no time at all, they will most likely still be sitting there this time next week! Thank god for the work day uniform eh ;)

Eventually i parted ways from the glory of my bed and hit the road for work… eventually!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Your Ponders

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