YO! boots are getting old.

‘I wud really get that checked out it sounds like a Urinary tract infection’

Ciara is one of those awesome friends i have that i can go without seeing for ages, but when we meet up it’s like we never left each others side (everybody go ‘awww’). Considering however it had not been ‘just yesterday’ since i saw the crazy fool, we met up on her lunch brake before i had to go to work too.

YO! sushi is my obsession and the best place on this planet to go in town for food,  it has a mesmerizing electronic belt in which you can watch all the delicious food go by, mmm. Also monday they have a special deal where all the plates are the same value as the cheapest, which is blue… therefore today in YO! was Blue Monday, nom nom nom :)

These were some photies i took for my September photo project and wanted to share some more since i found it difficult to pic just one. After lunch in YO! we wandered into River Island to go look at some boots… as you can see, Ciara really really needs new ones. Lets hope she can avoid the rain a wee bit longer eh!

Until next time
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

ps. hope the sign off aint the bentest thing you’ve ever read, but thought it worked with the whole blog milark :)

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